Zimbabwe GO 2020 National Report

Go2020 Report – Zimbabwe

Number of believers who witnessed - 732

Number of people reached - 9122

Number of people saved - 218

Number of people baptized - nil at the moment



Had planned to reach 1 million people with the gospel as our goal for 2020 but because of Covid 19 PANDEMIC and the national lockdown we did not manage to physically reach out and evangelize especially in May instead we resorted to online evangelism.

  • We trained pastors on Jesus film app which is user friendly on evangelism and discipleship
  • We also trained pastors to witness using the one minute witness tool.
  • We encouraged pastors and believers to use Facebook and WhatsApp platforms to evangelize using soft copy flyers and gospel tracks.
  • After the lockdown eased a little then those who could went out and evangelized using our Go2020 hard copy flyers and gospel tracks.
  • We are still encouraging pastors and believers to continue to reach out.
  • We realized many pastors did not reach out in evangelism because their first port of call was their congregants (their safety both physically and spiritually)
  • For a lot of pastors social media ministry was new and more especially evangelizing online so we realized we need to move with technology and begin to adjust the way we do ministry by embracing social media ministry and also invest in it.
  • Others also did not do well as expected because data is very expensive in Zimbabwe despite the fact that connectivity is equally poor.
  • Once churches are officially opened others promise to update us on those who would have attended church.




Rev Ackson Mudarikiri

National Co-ordinator - Zimbabwe



Number of christians mobilized

Number of Christians mobilized

Number of people reached

Number of people reached

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