Benin GO 2020 First Report

Global Outreach Day May 2020 in Benin


The mobilization is massive in WhatsApp groups but the reporting is unfortunately meager.

Here is what we were able to collect att the moment from some who did the work:

Exposed: 216

Won: 94

Brochures used: 713



A sister shared The Four audio in French in a WhatsApp forum of 76 people: 30 people decided to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. They all contacted her inbox to confirm their conversion. Currently, we are in the process of taking measures for strengthening.

 The same sister shared with her ex-husband who had repudiated her, with his 2nd Muslim wife. The two prayed to give their lives to Jesus. Muslim woman asked for a bible which is already being done

 For another brother from a locality called Goro, one of the children of an El-hajj asked for an appointment to confirm his conversion after listening to the audio in baribas.

A fetishist sought help to free herself from the fetish of which she was a follower. During the G.O.D campaign, she accepted Jesus into her life. And so she became free from this fetish. Praise God for his life.


Number of people reached

Number of people reached

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