Congo Brazzaville GO 2020 Report



We give thanks to God who, thanks to his fidelity, allowed us to participate in this great global harvest despite the restrictions due to the COVID 19 pandemic raging on a planetary scale. Indeed, the 2020 plan which we thought of and which experienced the start of implementation has been modified and adapted to the health security context imposed by the Coronavirus. However, before this pandemic was declared and after, mobilization, awareness and, training activities had been carried out.


We created WhatsApp groups of more than one hundred (100) people made up of leaders of churches and communities, leaders of Christian organizations, and Christians who were to serve as a bridge to relay information for a massive mobilization of Christians from Congo to World Evangelism Month activities. This allowed us to organize in April, at least three (3) Zoom meetings to prepare for the month of world evangelization.


  1. In January 2020, training on evangelism on the manual "3 stages" was carried out in Ouesso
  2. Friday, 1 st May 2020 we held our National Prayer time on World Evangelization.
  3. We then organized five (5) training meetings via Zoom
  4. The entire month of May was devoted to virtual and face-to-face evangelism according to the context of the place where the activity was to be carried out.
  5. Another training was given on the practice of evangelization in Dolisie and Ouesso
  6. Protective masks and food were distributed to vulnerable families



  • A family in Ouesso was in fear and trauma because of the disturbing messages linked to COVID 19 brought to them by the officers in charge of this mission. The day this family received a group of Christians who brought them the Good News, this family felt relieved and welcomed the Christian delegation to the point where the head of the family gathered all the members of his family who entrusted their lives to Jesus Christ. Today, the members of this family are in full swing in discipleship.
  • On Saturday, May 30, a father asks his 10-year-old son to accompany him to evangelize, the child accepts. So the father told his son that to make Christians, you have to be a Christian first. This father asks his son if he was ready to become a Christian, the son answers in the affirmative. The father takes out the brochure of the Four Spiritual Laws and reads it to his son who ended up giving his life to Christ. The father at the end was happy to go out and proclaim the gospel with his son.
  • In Mayitoukou, where the population was happy to receive the team who went to announce the Word of God to them because they felt abandoned in this pandemic situation, a dad who had a serious backache after a surgical operation danced with joy because after the prayers of the members of the team who worked in this village, the back pain was completely gone. Glory to God!




Number of people trained 272

Number of people deployed 220

Number of leaflets distributed 8805

Number of people exposed 3,018

Number of people won 263

Number of people in consolidation 32

Number of families receiving food 50




Number of christians mobilized

Number of Christians mobilized

Number of christians trained

Number of Christians trained

Number of people reached

Number of people reached

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