Congo Kinshasa GO 2020 National Report

1.State of emergency across the DRC
2.Health crisis
3. Churches closed
4.Difficulties in the field
5.The challenges of continuing the mission despite the obstacles
6.Containment and barrier measures

Means of Evangelisation Used

1. Door to Door
2. Mass
evangelization 3. Face to face,
4. Social media and local media TV, Radio
5. Megaphones, channel launchers,
6. 4 Spiritual laws 

7. A life filled with SE
8. Basic discipleship
9.CFDM basics .


Contact Persons - 8707

In Training - 1575

Souls Won - 3575

Keep Contacts - 4683

Advantages and special cases

1.JME has awakened several churches which did not know what to do during these times of closing of the churches,
2. Awareness of several men of God on the need to win souls
3. An occultist was won during and to bring these magic books
4. A madman was evangelized and won over to the lord,
5. Many families were restored
6. The church continued to function despite the COVID-19 with just small teams.
7. Some churches are appropriating the vision of G.O.D


Difficulties encountered 

1.Barrier measures
2. Mistrust following Covid-19
3. Very limited financial means
4. Lack of materials
5. No visibility
6. Communication via the internet very difficult
7. Mobilization of soul winners following the barrier measures,
8. Many people, leaders, and pastors do not have internet access


 Encourage the CHURCHES to have an evangelization plan and to FOLLOW up souls won
 Continue Evangelization and the building of new souls and 5 new disciples for each believer.
Let us also encourage: - Team evaluation meetings
 -Opening of cells to channel souls to the church
Preparing for baptism as a whole by consolidations and teachings at baptism

-Prepare the final report by already sending the partial reports available:
-toggle to implement the movement by setting up committees for each city, each commune, etc.

 (Target faithful SERVANTS) according to the format given by the national coordination -We encourage local appropriation and popularization of the WED vision, whether it is the business of local pastors and churches- Help the churches to have the plan and calendar for outings of Evangelism Together for the same cause, the gospel of salvation
I want you to know how much we love and appreciate (Philippians 1: 7)

For the MJME in DRC
Pst. Jean Pierre KAZONGO

Organization / fiangonana

Number of people reached

Isan'ny olona tonga

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