South Africa GO 2020 23rd of May

Even in midst of the crisis God is doing amazing things throughout the world.

We believe in seeing the blessing in every situation, and with so many people seeking peace we believe that the year 2020 will be one of the biggest years for Global Outreach Day!

This year TEASA (The Evangelical Alliance of South-Africa) has partnered with GO 2020. This is huge as they have 3 million members across South-Africa and affiliates to the South-African Council of Churches.


Social Media posts:

Average reach per post: 1001 (how many people saw it)

Average engagement per post: 300 (likes, comments and shares)

Actual post reach in 5 days: 11300

Actual engagement: 2500

Highest single post reach: 3800


Report from Eastern Cape:

My name is Cobus Fourie and I am part of Evangelism Explosion International. I am a fieldworker in the Eastern Cape. We are always finding ways of sharing and equipping others to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are part of the World Wide movement of GO2020 and glad to be part of it with so many other Evangelism movements. We set a goal in the Eastern Cape to reach at least 10 000 people with the Gospel and equipping them in a easy way to share it to at least 10 other people near themselves before the end of May 2020. We have already done more than that and one example to encourage you guys is a local Church in Jeffreys bay NG Jeffreys bay. I had the opportunity to share there yesterday and it was an hour of equipping people with what we call the HandGospel. We equipped the 1500 members attending the service with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All they need is their hand/bible and a voice to go and share it with the next 10 people near them. We use silicone wristbands around the arms to help assist others to remember the main points of the Gospel when sharing with other.

We love Jesus Christ, Love Sharing Him Redemption story to others, Love to Equip others to do the same, LOVE all you guys doing it with us to reach the WORLD for Jesus Christ



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Number of christians trained

Isan'ny Kristiana voaofana

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