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USA, Kansas City

Various outreaches in parks, streets and from home to home took place in Kansas City during Global Outreach Day. "We hosted six outreaches in parks throughout Kansas City," says Rachel Lee, Global Outreach Day coordinator. "We had a kids ministry truck with a stage and various people do evangelism. We also had about 500 people going door to door in Grandview. We visited 1,600 homes and distributed 5,000 pieces of material." "I Am Second" donated New Testament Bibles and "Every Home for Christ" provided tracts. "Over 10,000 DVDs of the Jesus Film were donated to us in 16 different languages to reach non-English speaking people in Kansas City," says Lee. "We recorded 250 prayers for salvation." Micke Bickle from International House of Prayer and his wife, Diane, were part of the team that went door to door witnessing in Grandview, a suburb of Kansas City.