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on - Thu, 10/15/2020 - 21:29

GO Movement: Churches Bring Hope to Needy Families

Organization / Church

Pastor Joary Carlesso led a team from the Evangelical Church Assembly of God of Joinville/SC, led by Pr. Sérgio Melfior that brought hope to needy families. The team delivered donations of food, kits with Bibles, leaflets and evangelistic booklets, masks, gel alcohol, treats, and toys to 70 needy families.

Another team from the Shalom Congregation who serve in Discipleship Siloé Missions, EBD, Band, Children, Adolescents, Youth, Male Prayer Circle, Female Prayer Circle, Couples, Workers, Haitians and Coram Deo (entrepreneurs) also brought hope. They reached needy families in the Comasa neighborhood, including many Haitian, Venezuelan, and Brazilian families. Six Hours of Adoration and Hope, an evangelistic event for the Haitian community was held on October 12th from 12 PM to 6 PM at the Temple of IEADJO Shalom. It is the Church of Christ being relevant to the community where it is inserted. About 80 basic baskets and 100 kits were collected and distributed. We are grateful to everyone who helped us by donating, organizing and distributing donations, especially to the Condor Hypermarket, in the person of our brother Mr. Anderson Santos de Deus, manager of the Comasa - Boa Vista branch.