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South-Africa: Local Church Thriving Through Prayer Despite The Pandemic

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From JMC House of Prayer:

The local Church in Ga-Motla Village North of Pretoria in South Africa adopted and implemented GO 2020. They strengthened their home cell groups and did personal training using home cell WhatsApp groups. Daily the believers would pray for opportunities to be His Witnesses. They had the burden to win souls and to transform their community and they prayed for Holy Spirit to empower them.

Everyday they prayed for B.O.B. and at the same time, their church was in leadership crisis. They were without a Senior Pastor but they knew the word of God and they were obedient to the Word of God. Led by four  junior Pastors, believers kept their faith strong and became stronger witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

People came to know Jesus during the church's double crisis period. A senior Pastor who had gone rogue and was cut off from the church and the Corona Virus pandemic. They were renting land but during the Corona Virus, were given land for free by an old lady from the community who had come to know Christ and was waiting for an opportunity to give back to God. They had land but the country was under lock down!

They managed to build their temporary structure during lockdown and people were wondering who they were building for as churches were not allowed to meet. When they finished building, churches were allowed to meet in groups of 50! They announced their readiness to meet again.

Cell groups gave them a new challenge! The church had grown!!! All the witnessing found souls ready to receive, to go to church..requires a booking sheet. Glory to God who works beyond what we ask for. All according to the Faith that is at work  in us! Eph.3:20....they have plans and even bigger FAITH for GO Decade!!!!