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on - Tue, 07/14/2020 - 08:25

GO Decade Launch Meeting Feedback

Organization / Church

Thursday for 2 hours I had the privilege to see God's great power at work.

At least 186 key evangelical leaders from over 70 countries around the world INCLUDING the Middle East gathered together on ZOOM  to claim this decade to reach every person with the Gospel.

It is NOT just one size fits all but each group doing what God has called them too but pledging to work together and not against or ignoring each other.

Steve Douglass, Dave Gibson, Werner Nachtigal and Beat Baumann hosted and guided the program. I have been involved in evangelism for 48 years and NEVER have seen the desire to cooperate but NOT control.


The meeting was 2 hours and if you want to watch it all here are the links 

Hopefully in a couple of weeks will have a much shorter version.


Below is what came in just after the call. It is just a few  examples

"What an awesome way to sum it up!  From South Africa...we are totally IN!!! "


"Somedays are just super special days. Like today. The Launch of GO Decade. World leaders lending their voice and total support,  Partnership and collaboration to this plan of God for mankind. Not about denominations ,not about Ministries. Not about individuals BUT all about Salvation and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ...

 *Steve Douglass* said: If your vision was not stimulated today, better check your pulse." Bishop Efraim Tendoro closed with Prayer from Eph.3:20..... _Do you believe?_


What a day...

This is why I had Goosebumps after the time.You could sense God's spirit.

Words and even pictures are so inadequate. How can I just give you a slight glimpse of what God was and is doing.

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts. 

Please pray for taking this meeting from just talking to practical reality!

Following him