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on - Mon, 06/08/2020 - 20:20

Congo Brazzaville GO 2020: 22 people won to Christ in Ouesso

Organization / Church

Activities related to world evangelism have been carried out in Ouesso, Congo, around the FERS (Federation of Sangha Revival Churches). The statistics are as follows:
 126 people trained
 215 people deployed
 5,199 evangelized people
 22 people won to Christ
 6000 leaflets distributed
It has been confided that a family who for days remained locked up because of fear related to the COVID 19 pandemic and who was tired of receiving people who only came to reinforce their fear because of the pandemic of with traumatic information related to the corona virus welcomed Christians who brought them a different message full of hope. The head of the family quickly gathered around the Christians his whole family who ended up giving their lives to Christ. Follow-up has been planned within this family.
We give thanks to God for his presence and his available power during the field of action.