Luke Greenwood

Reach this lost generation! (Steiger Seminar)

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This urban globalised generation is confused, alone and without purpose. But there is also a great spiritual hunger as people are searching for hope and meaning. We want to inspire you to a bold, clear and relevant proclamation of the truth about Jesus in the most public and accessible ways possible, such as street evangelism, concerts and events, artistic and creative productions, attending festivals and discussions in universities. Hand in hand with this approach we believe discipleship relationships and authentic community are essential in responding to the pandemic of loneliness marking our society. Our teams around the world develop intentional discipleship relationships with new people, inviting them to gatherings in neutral venues and leading "Bible studies for the non-religious"  online and in informal settings.

Speaker Luke Greenwood and team

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Submitted by Andrea Donze

on - Fri, 05/15/2020 - 17:41