Street evangelism in Haiti

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(Photos by Reginald Celestin)

Global Outreach Day Coordinator Rev. Reginald Celestine reported at an online meeting on May 13th that his team had been on two of the biggest radio stations in Haiti to share the Gospel. From that radio show, a woman called his secretary and said she heard them on the radio. She said she wanted to commit suicide and needed to talk to a pastor. His team gave her some money to help her buy food. They saved her life.

Another man was ready to commit suicide. His daughter was sick in the hospital. She eventually died. The man use to be a believer and even played guitar for a worship team. Rev. Celestin has been meeting with the man and helping him with his family who got kicked out of their home with his two kids. His family moved to the countryside and the man stayed in Port Au Prince to find a job.

Rev. Celestin's team has been doing evangelism on the streets every Saturday. Here are some pictures. Please pray for God's blessing on this team.



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