GO2020 Russia Equips Christians to Win One Person A Day

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Russia's Global Outreach Day Director Evgeniya Vartanyan has started daily marathon of evangelism. Everyday, followers of Go2020RU on Instagram are receiving prompts of what to do that day to evangelize. Below is the schedule.


* You can perform one small task with us every day

* You can join on days when you are free

* You can choose any type of activity on any day!


May 1-31, 2020

A daily instruction in how to record the ordinary month of may 2020 in the universal history and fill it with eternal meaning.

Friday, May 1

Calling a friend is a common thing

This day is very famous for our country. However, many do not mark it anymore, but the habit remains. It is good to call at least one person and smoothly reduce the conversation from a famous holiday to a Holiday of Eternal joy.

Evening prayer!

Saturday, may 2

A living Church in every home

On this day, place an invitation (link) to broadcast the service online in all your social networks and chats.

May 3, Sunday

Words of love to every home

Put the "letter of the Father" or any other brochure with the gospel in mailboxes of neighbors or attach it near the door knob on your neighbors door.

May 4, Monday

Go to the store-a matter for eternity

When you go to the store, be careful to see a person who is ready to talk about the current world situation. Be sure to listen carefully first to the person, his point of view. Such a conversation can always be turned to a defense of God Almighty Himself and the preaching of the gospel.

May 5, Tuesday

Internet to spread the Gospel.

Post any good video clip, you can use the project- YesHeIs in your social networks.

Wednesday, May 6

Any business is a business of eternity

I'm sure you have a personal story to share on this day. Whatever it is, turn it into a sermon to any person who happens to be around when you do this intended task.

Thursday, May 7

Each relative – not by chance a relative of yours

On this day, on the eve of Victory Day, it is good to remember your relatives, call them and easily start a conversation about this and that... Ask them how they are doing, what they are doing. And tell them about the Love of Jesus. And only about Love. Without a theology. To say that for Jesus, all people on earth are one big family. (Victory Day is a holiday in Russia.)

Friday, May 8

Day of prayer and attention

On this day, remember all the people you have met and talked to this week. And pray for them. Remember each face, imagine them together with you in the eternal Kingdom of the Father. In the same way, God can show your friends and acquaintances with whom you have not communicated for a long time. Write down their names, pray and contact them, tell them that they are dear to you!

Saturday, May 9

Victory day is really a great holiday

Write a post on this day about the great Victory of Jesus on the cross and post it in all your social networks, or personal messages. Our grandfathers and fathers fought in the great Patriotic war and won, so that we live on earth today. Jesus overcame death so that we could live forever!

Also, place an invitation (link) to broadcast the service online in all your social networks and chats.

May 10, Sunday

Who will God send?

Pray that on this day the Lord will give you a person to whom you can tell the gospel. Expect a divine meeting (at the store, at work, or when you go on business). Get ready to give him a New Testament, a "Father's Letter," or some other pamphlet. Try to take contacts for further communication.

Monday, May 11

Jesus paid, so we have life

Make a money transfer to someone who needs it today, then call them (or her). Or pay on this day for any person in any place: travel, lunch, or shopping in a store. After such a gift, preach the gospel and tell about the generosity of Jesus, who gave not just a purse, but his entire life without a trace.

Tuesday, May 12

Personal testimony is the most powerful weapon

Write your personal testimony and post it in your social networks. Try to do this not religiously, so that it is clear to everyone, it is best to shoot a small video and post it on social networks, for example, on the topic " Why do I believe?"

Wednesday, May 13

Home group – as the first Church

On whatever day you have a home group, make it Evangelistic (you can change the day). Invite at least one non – believer (you can use zoom) and tell everyone in turn your testimony - what Jesus did in your life.

Thursday, May 14

To feed a hungry person is to save in every way!

Pray before you go to the street (to the store, for work, or on some business) and find someone to buy a package of food and give it to someone in need. Be sure to start a conversation, and then preach the gospel.

Friday, May 15

Day of prayer and optional fasting

On this day, remember all the people you have met and talked to this week. And pray for them. Remember each face, imagine them together with you in the eternal Kingdom of the Father)). Pray that the Lord will remind you of those whom you know in your environment and for whom you have not prayed for a long time.

Saturday, May 16

A living Church in every home

On this day, place an invitation (link) to broadcast the service online in all your social networks and chats. Or think about who you personally evangelized this week you can send a link to the webcast.

May 17, Sunday

The song helps us build and live

Post on all social networks and chats any video of Praise, a good Christian song. You can also use personal messages.

Monday, May 18

Was a stranger-became a relative

On this day, you need to meet at least one stranger (you can on the street, in a store or in social networks. 2) and tell him the gospel. You can start with a personal testimony.

May 19, Tuesday

Who needs a prayer-it's to me!

Pray to whom you can write or call today from your friends, acquaintances, or social networks. Find followers and ask them how they are doing? And tell them that you pray for them, that if you need a personal prayer, you are always ready to help them pray and teach them to pray.

Wednesday, May 20

When words are not enough

On this day, do a very good deed. If you went out on the street-help someone carrying a heavy bag. If you stayed at home think of which of the neighbor to give a delicious treat. Everything is at your discretion. And, of course, talk about the love of Christ.

Thursday, May 21


If you obediently lived in each day with an eternal meaning, then there are probably people who have accumulated a lot of questions after your communication, with whom there is contact. Call them and ask them what else they would like to know about Jesus and his love.

Friday, May 22

Day of prayer

Pray for your family, offer to pray with them for every person around you, and especially for those to whom you have preached the gospel during the week))). Pray, maybe you need to call someone from your family and pray for them.

Saturday, May 23

A living Church in every home

On this day, we continue to pray and invite to the service, on the broadcast of those to whom we have preached for a week, you can place an invitation in stories.

May 24, Sunday

Notebook-a friend for my memory

On this day, flip through your notebook and, after praying, call at least one person and tell them your testimony and the gospel.

Monday, May 25

Work is not a hindrance to salvation

On this day, you can find at least one salesman, taxi driver, courier, or someone working in another profession, but able to hear you. Or, if you work yourself, your colleague. And tell him (or her) what Jesus Christ did for him (her) 2000 years ago.

Tuesday, May 26

Preachers are my team

On this day, post in all your social networks and chats a sermon (any, preferably encouraging and positive) by any pastor or preacher.

May 27, Wednesday

Home theater is also a big deal

Post a good Christian movie (or "Bible stories"movie) in all your social networks and chat rooms. You can send a personal message to various friends of the film, having previously prayed and asked for God's wisdom for such a case.

Thursday, May 28

My neighbor – who is he?

Look back with satisfaction at your work for this month. Ask the Holy spirit – who else would you call or write to, who else would you meet? And you will reach this person with the Love of Jesus Christ!

Friday, May 29

Day of fasting and prayer

At the end of the month before the world Flash Mob, let's pray and fast for 1 day for every person who has heard the gospel during this month! For your Church, so that each of them can become a part of the Church, pray who can you invite to the Sunday service and a group or course of converts?

May 30, Saturday

Global Flash Mob at 15: 00

World evangelism day-get more information about the flash mob here on the site, as well as it will be posted on the eve in all chats!

May 31, Sunday


On the last day of may, remember all the testimonies for this month, write in the chat of the Church, home group, and of course send us, so that as many people as possible will know what the Lord can do through ordinary believers).



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