Global Outreach Day South Africa Sets Goal for 15 Million Digital Conversations

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Global Outreach Day South Africa Coordinator Rev. Lulu Nakana has launched a campaign with 30 leaders to reach 15 million people with Gospel conversations via social media. Rev. Nakana spearheaded the outreach before the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down public events around the world.

To achieve this, Rev. Lulu (like she is fondly called), said "Honest social media conversations are not exactly a common thing (not yet in the majority). How people acquire 'another personality.' Now we are asking them to be real." Introducing evangelism is a way to push their personality to envelop a bit. To her and others in the group, the idea is needed at these trying times, and it is very possible.

Reverend Lulu is taking the initial GO2020 Mobilization national target of getting 3 million believers to 15million through social media campaigns. The goal of the social media drive, which has already kicked off, is for people aged from fourteen (14) to adults. The campaign is primary, getting to just five (5) of an individual's contacts and sharing the good news conversation with them. The plan is to begin talking about the love of God and prayerfully end up leading them to a personal relationship-p with Christ Jesus.
When asked how active her team is, she said: "With the lockdown, three of my team members plus myself are producing all the content. Another person on the team is designing visuals, then the third manages the social media posts."

To meet the target, the team mobilizes and trains people online in live groups. Though in the end, there are many questions which the group answers, and she believes it is better to have people who have a developed para-church ministry understanding. The group says no to those who want to volunteer.

As far as collecting testimonies from this campaign challenge, Rev. Lulu said, "When you change one thing, you change everything. Social media campaigns require different tools to collect and report testimonies." Although the group has received some testimonies, they plan to create an online portal where people can share their testimonies.

Besides leading Global Outreach Day, Rev. Lulu is a full-time pastor and the co-pastor of her church, JMC House of Prayer, in a village called Motla, North of Pretoria. She also started a Children and Youth foundation called "Light Africa" in 2018, but has been focused on GO2020 since June 2019. She has been in full-time ministry for 7 years.



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