GO 2020 takes place with Social Distancing

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The Corona-Pandemic is impacting the world in a short time. Many people are in fear and crisis. Also, church life is impacted. In many countries it is no longer possible to meet in a service. It is time to sincerely pray for God’s intervention, protection and a new openness to the Gospel. But it’s also time to take a stand: A fearful world needs a bold and courageous church. It’s time to share the hope and peace that can only be found in Jesus Christ!

PRAY for the world,
CARE for the people,
SHARE the Gospel.

GO 2020 is still taking place in May 2020. Share Christ amid the crisis. The principle remains the same: Every Believer is a Witness! But we focus on online and media Gospel sharing. Please respect the corona guidelines of your government concerning social distancing. We don't want to put people in risk to get sick. There are many good ways you can still share the Gospel. 

We invite every believer to pray for he’s friends, colleagues, neighbors, to practically care about their needs and to share the Gospel and the personal testimony to them. In times of social distancing this can be done by phone, email, on social media etc. 

Everyone can reach at least 5 people with the Gospel!

To mobilize and train we invite ministries and denominations to do online mobilization and training. You can use www.zoom.us, Skype, Youtube Livestream, WhatsApp, phone etc.

Let’s share HOPE beyond fear – NOW more than ever!



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Beat Baumann

Submitted by Beat Baumann

on - Mon, 03/23/2020 - 23:24