Mobilization Update - South America

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A video conference was held on February 26, 2020 with leaders from across the continent of South America. There were denominational heads from the continent including a leader heading a denomination in 22 countries.

The vision of GO 2020 has been embraced and taken on by every denomination in Puerto Rico. The Holy Spirit is moving in the nation and an historic milestone has been witnessed with Body of Christ united as never before and every church joining the GO 2020 vision. The churches have declared that their goal is to reach every home with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Churches of denominations like Assemblies of God, the Baptist Church and Church of God of Prophecy are involved across the continent.

The leader who is coordinating the Church of God youth movement in 19 countries (besides Spain) updated that they will organize GO Day on the second Saturday in the month of May.  On May 21, 2020, they will mobilize 70,000 young people to do personal evangelism. They also have a partnership with CRU.

The leaders were thrilled to partner with the vision of GO 2020 and consider it a great opportunity and a gift to be integrated to a global vision to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.



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Beat Baumann

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