Historic Unity in Puerto Rico

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Exciting updates from several leaders of Puerto Rico came in during the video conference held on February 26, 2020.

The vision of GO 2020 has been embraced and taken on by every denomination in the country. The Holy Spirit is moving in the nation and the Body of Christ is united as never before with every church joining the GO 2020 vision. The churches have declared that the goal is to reach every home in Puerto Rico with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A nation-wide event was held on February 5, 2020 with prayer, motivation and mobilization in every district. Training programs (for personal evangelism) would be held in March and April, while the entire month of May will be dedicated for evangelism.

A crucial partnership has been developed with Every Home for Christ (EHC). EHC has decided to provide 1 million gospel literature which will be used during the evangelism month to reach every home in Puerto Rico. They would conduct the training in April and would use EHC’s Encounter Outreach App – indeed a fruitful partnership!


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