Mobilization Update from the Philippines

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Forged partnership during PCEC Leaders Summit last January with the Bishop Bishop Noel A. Pantoja and leaders from all the isles in Manila. YWAM and CRU leaders were also there. Bishop Noel A. Pantoja and I were able to challenge the leaders to adopt the GO 2020 strategy to reach 25 million people.

Mobilization and training in PCEC Churches, recorded training sessions for these churches to download.

3 TV networks – developing partnerships with them which can help mobilization.

Printed 15,000 flyers.

Last December, shared the gospel with 400,000 people through three big organizations.

In January, shared the gospel with 50,000 people- 8 big churches, 2 denominations, one ministry fellowship.



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Don Satorre, National Coordinator

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on - Thu, 02/27/2020 - 11:57