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The Brazil Evangelical Alliance has given their commitment to GO 2020 and will have all churches under them to participate nation-wide for this movement.

Couple of weeks ago, there was a conference in a church which has 10,000 members in North East of Brazil. The church pastors have other churches and leaders under them and now would be moving to mobilize these churches as well for GO 2020.

A great partnership has been forged with the Bible Brazilian Society.

Werner Nachtigal was in Brazil for 10 days where the G.O.D. Brazil leaders travelled together all over the nation and spoke to more than 5000 people. Werner and G.O.D. Brazil team members met Pastor Silas who owns a TV channel. This Pastor  would be pushing the vision of GO 2020 on his TV channel. We will be part of the March for Jesus in Rio with him.

Youth with A Mission has 70 bases in Brazil and they have committed to participate in GO 2020. One of the Directors of YWAM is the G.O.D. Coordinator in YWAM. He is a member of a key Youth Pastors' Network in Rio de Janeiro; he had a meeting last week and promoted GO 2020.

Four Square Church has taken ownership of G.O.D. in the last few years. The Church has put up all G.O.D. materials and content on their social media and website. Last year, they developed 165,000 small events in their cell groups, house groups and are doing the same this year.

The Assemblies of God denomination has 15 million members in Brazil, 300,350 local churches. We’ve had three meetings with them, and are pushing all churches in the denomination for GO 2020. The President of Assemblies of God is writing to every local church challenging them to participate in GO 2020. All 38 Presidents of Assemblies of God are pushing for GO 2020 in their regions. They are printing 3 Steps Training, My Five and are distributing these to all the churches in Brazil. GO 2020 materials are on Assemblies of God’s web page.

As of today, we have received commitments from major denominations, major mission organizations. 



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Jonathan Santos, National Coordinator

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on - Thu, 02/27/2020 - 08:51