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Hi G.O.D team!
As I tell you earlier, we have been investing in getting more cities and communities for G.O.D this year, among other things by sending a letter together with a booklet. We have started to get feedback and it looks like G.O.D will be established in several places this year. Gothenburg, Borås, Kalmar, Örebro and Malmö are places where I know that conversations have begun to carry out G.O.D. In Stockholm, the large congregations will run a campaign with a well-known Evangelist in August and I have not received any response from them yet that they want to take G.O.D this year. But We Will try again. Locally here in the Jönköping area, I have a concrete proposal that we try to get with the congregations. We called it “True Story Tour. The idea is that during some Saturdays we have a team of several strong witnesses who go from suburb to suburb, from village to village to share their testimonies and that the local congregations are in place.
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Submitted by Beat Baumann

on - Mon, 02/24/2020 - 21:14