GO Decade 2020 – 2030

Together We Can Reach The World

“Go and make disciples of all peoples.” Matthew 28:19

There Is A Need And An Opportunity

The majority of people on earth do not know about the wonderful forgiveness, hope, peace and love that is available through Jesus Christ. They face a Christless eternity. That is tragic! While many Christian organizations are sharing the Gospel, no one organization can, by itself, complete the Great Commission. Yet, by God’s grace, together we can! God is moving in many special ways today, and growing numbers of leaders feel the fulfilment of the Great Commission is within our grasp.


GO Decade Exists To Help Reach The World Together

The goal of GO Decade is to intensify evangelism to reach every person on earth with the Gospel one or more times by the end of 2030. Many denominations, local churches, networks, ministries and individuals have already committed do be a part. They are joining forces to seek to mobilize and equip as many believers as possible for prayer and evangelism and to result in significant growth in the Body of Christ. Key activities include:

  • Praying for and cooperating with other organizations seeking to reach the world.

  • Sharing what God is doing through their efforts and offering whatever help they can to others.

  • Where possible, attending forums and participating in times of emphasis on prayer, evangelism and disciple-making.

  • Using the GO Month in May and Global Outreach Days as catalytic momentum opportunities.

  • Motivating and equipping as many believers as possible to become witnesses for Christ so that they would be part of the movement: “Together we can reach the world!”


Imagine What Could Happen Over the Next Decade!

  • Hundreds of millions of believers becoming actively involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

  • Billions of non-believers being reached with the Gospel.

  • Significant, visible growth in the Body of Christ.

  • Through biblical unity, achieving more together than any one of us would have done separately.

If you want to become a part of the GO Decade, please indicate that below:

GO Decade Global Launch


on Oct 29th, 10 am ET

Over 80 Christian leaders from every major denomination, missionary organization, and network gathered to launch the GO Decade, a ten-year outreach to reach everyone in the world with the Gospel. The leaders met online on the 10th anniversary of the founding of Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) to share testimonies, plan, and pray for the GO Decade. "Our strategy is simple, reach every person on earth until 2030 with the Gospel," said Werner Nachtigal, founder and president of the G.O.D. "Together, we can reach the world."

Werner Nachtigal

International President

Global Outreach

Beat Baumann

International Director

Global Outreach

Steve Douglass

Emeritus President

Campus Crusade for Christ

Dave Gibson

US Director / Global Outreach

Pastor of Missions and Evangelism / Grace Church of Eden Prairie, Minnesota

GO Decade Trailer

GO Decade launch meeting

Continental GO Decade zoom calls:

GO Decade Latin America

Nov 12th, 1 pm (Buenos Aires)

GO Decade Africa

Nov 18th, 5 pm (Johannesburg)

GO Decade Asia

Nov 26th, 3 pm (Singapore)

GO Decade Europe

Dec 2nd, 3 pm (Berlin)