GO 2020 Launches Month of Miracles

A “Month of Miracles” in May was launched with a three day “Online Healing Explosion” series led by several leaders known for having a ministry of miracles and healing. Rev. Jeff Yuen of Soakability Church in Singapore and Rev. Benji Morf of Kingdom Family Multiplication in Thailand launched the series of meetings streamed over Facebook and YouTube. Rev. Yuen and Rev. Morf have seen over 40,000 healings and miracles in Asia.

Pastor Chuck Parry, director of the Bethel Healing Rooms, taught on healing and prayed for people on the second day. Rev. Randy Clark, the founder of the Global Awakening, closed out the series of meetings on the third day. Thousands of viewers streamed in from all over the world to hear teaching, testimonies, and receive prayer for healing.

Testimonies of healing and deliverance have poured in. Some of the testimonies included:

Levi Hug · 1:24:16 What a powerful broadcast! 🔥 great job Jesus! 😄and everyone who put this together!!

Maria Angela Rebaño · 1:27:11 I felt the surge of power in my body so I quickly took the Jerusalem anointing oil and laid hands on my hubby who's suffering from gall stone

Annelise Blom · 1:17:21 I could feel fire on my hands and the strength of the Lord arising and standing up in me. Thank you Lord!!!!

Nola Leeuwner · 1:10:45 Thank you Guys....I felt healing in my brain, mind and I felt the spirit placing something at the base of my spine😂🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻thank you Jesus for always delivering💖🙌🏻

Lena Hein · 5:14:37 I received pain-free full movement of both shoulders tnx for releasing healing guys

Jason Brunette One of the speakers, I believe it was Ben Fitzgerald, prayed for a cyst on the right eye. I had a cyst on my right eye that has been healed. Thank you, Lord, for Your abundant blessings.

Linar Cheng Last night I prayed in faith for my husband who has been in hospital fighting infections. For the last 28 days he has been pumped with panadol and antibiotics. Fever and chills and bone pain left. He has been fever free since midnight ( Singapore time ) yesterday after the prayer. No bone pain and chills for the first time since April 4th 2020.Praise the Lord! Now I am praying and believing God to heal him from Blood Cancer. God is so good! Thank You Jesus.

April Selenskikh One woman from India asked for prayer for deliverance. She sent a praise report that she was free and felt the fire of God on her!

The broadcasts are posted on YouTube and Facebook.

For the broadcast with Rev. Jeff Yuen of Soakability Church, and Rev. Benji Morf of Kingdom Family Multiplication, click here:

For the broadcast with Levi Hug and Pastor Chuck Parry from Bethel Healing Rooms., click here:

For the broadcast with Jason & Debby Chin of Love Says Go Academy and Randy Clark, the founder of Global Awakening, click here:


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