GO 2020

መቶ ሚሊዮን አማኞችን በማነሳሳት በግንቦት 2020/2012 አንድ ቢሊዮን ሰዎችን በወንጌል መድረስ።

ጎ 2020 የ ‹ግሎባሌ ኦቲዮክ ቀን› ልዩ እትም ነው ፡፡

በአለም አቀፍ ካሉ ብዙ ሺዎች ቤተክርስቲያናት እና አገልግሎቶች ጋር በመቀላቀል ግንቦት 2020/2012 ወሩን በሙሉ ወንጌልን ለማሰራጨት እንድትመድብ እንጋብዘሃለን። ይህ ጎራቤቶችህን፣ ከተማህን፣ ሀገርህን እና ዓለምን እንዴት ተጽዕኖ ሊያደርስ እንድምችል ገምት። 

በማቴ 9:37 “መከሩ ብዙ ነው ሰራተኞች ግን ጥቂቶች ናቸው።”  ብሎ ኢየሱስ እንዳስተማረው፥ በቤተክርስቲያን ካሉ አማኞች 93% /አጁ/ አምነታቸውን በንቃት ለሌላ አያካፍሉም። ይህን ልምድ መለወጥ ይቻላል።

የቤተክርስቲያኗ አባላት 93 በመቶ የሚሆኑት እምነታቸውን አያካፍሉም ፡፡ ይህ ሊቀየር ይችላል!

የ GO 2020 አካል ሁን

ዛሬ ይህን ድህረ ገጽ ጎብኝ www.go2020.world

የ 8 ዓመት የዓለም አቀፍ የወንጌል ሥርጭት ቀን ሪፖርት

  • 25 ሚሊዮን ተሳታፊዎች ነበሩ ፡፡ ብዙዎች በሕይወታቸው ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ እምነታቸውን ተጋሩ 

  • ከ 10 ሚሊዮን በላይ ሰዎች ድነዋል ፡፡ 

  • በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ አዳዲስ የእምነት ማህበረሰቦች ታክለዋል። 

  • ከ 100,000 በላይ አዳዲስ አማኞች በካሪቢያን ተጠመቁ ፡፡

GO 2020 is a global vision to activate the whole Body of Christ – millions of individual believers, churches and large global ministries - to pray and share the Gospel all over the world in an joint effort of evangelism during the month of May 2020.


“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Mt 9:37

The Great Commission is not an “optional assignment” for the Church. Yet 93% of church members never share the Gospel with others. GO 2020 aims to turn those numbers upside down … to pursue the following:


To activate and train every Christian believer, everywhere to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through a unique partnership effort involving many different denominations and parachurch organizations, this massive moment is meant to train and inspire every believer to live a lifestyle of evangelism.


Mobilize 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in May 2020.


Through a strategic partnership network built over nearly a decade, GO 2020:

  • Encourages ordinary believers to share the Gospel through personal conversation and to demonstrate God’s love through prayer, caring, and sharing in numerous different ways.
  • Equips Churches with training and materials in evangelism, discipleship and church planting (see Resources).
  • Promotes Kingdom partnership as churches, denominations and ministries from many different backgrounds work together to reach the world (see Partner).
  • Invites every church to be part of a church planting initiative during the year 2020. Every church is planting a church – together we can establish 1 million new faith communities.
  • Makes the Gospel visible through thousands of “Freedom Flash Mobs”, GO 2020 Events, March for Jesus and more.

GO 2020 is a special edition of Global Outreach Day, which has been taking place every last Saturday of May since 2012. On this day, every year, believers worldwide have stepped out together in faith to share the Good News.

25 million believers have already participated in Global Outreach Day. To see what God has done, view Global Outreach Day testimonies.

Steve Douglass
ስቲቭ ዳግላስ
ካምፓስ ክሩሴድ ፎር ክራይስት (CRU)
ዓለም አቀፍ የምስክርነት ቀን ሰዎች እምነታቸውን እንዲያካፍሉ የማበረታታት ታላቅ መንገድ ነው !

«Every believer is a witness and a disciple maker – Every church is planting new churches»